About Us

Company Overview

EAP Films is the market leader in the Sri Lankan Film Industry providing an outstanding entertainment platform for film-goers. As a truly strong company we manage and operate 45 modern cinemas under the circuit and possess the best theaters in the Island which includes Savoy, Cinemax, Excel, Wilmax and Concord etc.

Our annual patrons' base is over 5.5 million and we cater to the middle and high-end market within the City limits. We have the ideal platform for an innovative company to promote their brands.


Our Vision

“The trusted leader in Cinema and its related Entertainment”


Our Mission

“The epitome of excellence in entertainment while being the beacon of innovation, hope and change with a sustainable value to all our stakeholders”


Our Values

Client First

Place clients at the core of everything we do


Be ethical, honest and committed in all actions


Be sensitive to individual differences and treat everyone with dignity


Learn from our experiences; share knowledge and best practices to create innovative solutions


See change for growth opportunity it brings


Strive for excellence in everything we do and aspire to outperform at every stage

Act in a boundaryless fashion

always search for and apply the best ideas regardless of their source


Key Success Factors

Ability to quickly adopt new technology

Ability to link onto new and latest digital visual and audio equipments to enhance the audience entertainment experience and attract increased advertising revenue.

Access to multiskilled and flexible labour force

Access to a supply of young casual workers to cover daily, weekly and annual demand peaks and for cost reductions.

Being part of a group buying, promotion and marketing scheme

Being part of a chain operation to obtain cost advantages, as well as access block buster movies.

Guaranteed supply of key inputs

Guaranteed ongoing supply of quality movies inline with local audience tastes and demand.

Proximity to key markets

Identify key local market segments for movies to be shown and offering easy access – including parking.


Competitive Analysis

Direct Competitors

To our best knowledge, there is only a single main competitor, which is presently offering a similar service. Our main competitor is also promoting its services through a website which will permit people to reserve cinema seats online. It is not known whether and if so; to what extent the system will be modified.

Although we have reason to believe that competitor's price structure and marketing plans may be similar to those of EAP's, Our service is clearly distinguishable from, and more attractive than them. In contrast, EAP Films offers a wide variety of services to its customers, including Mobile Reservations, Online Reservations, Buy One Get One Free offers through Standard Charted credit cards, opportunity to redeem and collect points pertaining to Nexus, Dialog Star Points etc. Currently the EAP Film has obtained the exclusivity from Standard Charted, Dialog as well as from Nexus. Further, most of the Film Producers in Sri Lanka automatically select EAP as their Film Distributor and hence we provide them loan facilities, daily reporting of collections, on time payment, effective investigations and EAP is the undisputed Circuit with the highest revenue potential which has a market share over 60%.


Projects Completed within Financial Year 2012/2013

Wimax Cinema – Anuradhapuara

We have taken the Wilmax Cinema - Anuradhapura under our management and this would allow us to increase our profitability and the revenue potential dramatically since it is the latest Cinema in Anuradhapura equipped with the state of the art technology.


Revamping Savoy cinema as the Best 3D cinema in the region

In order to uplift Sri Lankan Cinema it is vital to match up to the International standards and technology plays a key role in this venture. International cinema has reached its peak in the highest of technological standards, and the same experience should be enjoyed by Sri Lankan film viewers as well. As international films are produced using high technological standards they should be screened in an equally technologically equipped environment, if not, the quality of the entire creation would be lost and the viewer would not be able to enjoy the film in its true sense and style. EAP Films has been constantly dedicated to provide their viewers the best quality entertainment with the latest technology and is determined to take numerous initiatives which will enable the Sri Lankan cinema to reach the much sought after international standards. One such initiative and by far one of the biggest ventures of EAP Films is the "Savoy 3D Cinema"

International cinemas use the 3D Technology which is the latest revolution to enter the cinema industry in order to create a much more entertaining and satisfying cinematographic experience for viewers and to provide the Sri Lankan viewers the same experience, the Savoy 3D Cinema will open its doors to the Sri Lankan public on the 26th July. The Savoy 3D Cinema comes complete with all new 3D Technology containing 4K Projectors. The present day cinema experience comprises of 2K projectors, hence the 4k projectors will indeed be a refreshing experience as the new technology will enable extremely clear views and the 3D technology is four times more effective than the 2D Technology and the viewer is guaranteed to receive an extremely satisfying and an electrifying cinema experience.

For this mega project, EAP Films & Theatres (Pvt) Ltd has incurred a cost of Rs 100 Million, and has created history by introducing a Silver Screen to the Savoy 3D Cinema which is a first in the entire cinema industry in Sri Lanka and all of you viewers will be assured of a live cinematic adventure with our latest high definition technology, thereby making the Savoy 3D Cinema one of the most sought after cinemas in the country as well as in the south Asian region.


Opening of new cinema at Excel World

We are also planning to open a new 2D cinema at Excel World property on 26th July 2012 to screen latest family movies. Excel world is the largest entertainment city in Sri Lanka and the new cinema will enhance the entertainment experiences of our customers. This new cinema will be equipped with state of the art technology and a comfort of a supper luxury cinema.

EAP Savoy Metro